March 12, 2015 | Rachana Ananthakrishnan

We recently released a management console for Globus, reflecting our commitment to help resource providers deliver an outstanding research data management service to users at their institution. The console can be used to monitor activity on endpoints, and to identify and troubleshoot faults that may indicate underlying infrastructure issues. We will continue to enhance the management console, adding the ability to suspend, resume, and cancel transfer requests, and get usage metrics.

The first screenshot below shows the console's endpoint overview. The interactive graphic gives endpoint managers an easy way to see the status of transfers to and from their managed endpoints; green represents transfers that are making progress and orange highlights transfers that are being retried. Per-endpoint summaries with links to drill down into endpoint details are also provided.


console overview screen
Source: NERSC; used with permission.


A count of active file transfer tasks for each endpoint is shown, and expanding an endpoint's listing presents an overview of the endpoint configuration and a list of shared endpoints hosted by the endpoint. The next image shows shared endpoints hosted on the petrel#petrel endpoint, with a summary of permissions for each shared endpoint that gives the administrator a quick view of what is being shared from the endpoint.


console endpoint detail


The console allows an administrator to search and identify tasks of interest using various filters, such as, the user who submitted the task, the endpoints used in the transfers, and transfer status. The image below shows all active tasks with faults on the petrel#petrel endpoint. Using the custom filter option, an administrator can further narrow down the search results.


console endpoint detail


The console can be used to monitor and manage endpoints covered by a Globus Provider subscription and can be accessed via the "Console" option in the Globus web interface. Please contact to request access to the console. If you would like to try out the management console but do not have a Globus Provider subscription, please request a one-month free trial by submitting this form.

Take the management console for a spin and let us know if you have any questions or want to request other new features.