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Important: Update your Globus Connect Server configuration

October 25, 2017   |  Rachana Ananthakrishnan

Many of you may have seen our recent announcement that we are working towards making Globus data management solutions suitable for use with protected data and in HIPAA regulated environments.

As part of that effort, the Globus service will be hosted at new IP addresses on Amazon Web Services in the range to (CIDR: If you have configured your firewall to inbound traffic only from specific IP addresses, you must add the new IP address range to your configuration on or before December 9, 2017 in order for your endpoints to continue working. After December 9th, the old IP addresses ( and can be removed from your firewall rules.

The following documents have been updated with relevant information:

Globus Connect Server installation guide

Globus Connect Personal configuration guide

Google Drive Connector installation guide

We strive to keep the transfer IP block stable, but it may change. If changes are expected, information will be published on the Globus blog and email will be sent to Globus admin discuss list.

If you have any questions, please email Globus support or post to the Globus admin discussion mailing list.