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Lee Liming's Blog

  • Globus and the Path to Sustainability

    May 09, 2019  |  Lee Liming

    It’s been more than twenty years since the first public release of Globus software. In this article originally posted on the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) blog, Globus Senior Technical...

  • XSEDE Uses Globus Auth for Web Single Sign-On

    January 28, 2019  |  Lee Liming

    Used by researchers and students from all fields of science, XSEDE coordinates access to the National Science Foundation’s public supercomputing systems, such as Texas Advanced Computing Center’s Stampede2 and Pittsburgh...

  • A Basic Globus Login for Apache Websites

    October 15, 2018  |  Lee Liming

    One of the features Globus users appreciate is its user-friendly login mechanism. Globus allows users to login using Google, ORCID, or identities from any of the thousands of academic/research organizations...

  • Using Globus in Jupyter Notebooks

    May 30, 2018  |  Lee Liming

    My last post introduced the Jupyter “live notebook” environment and explained why our Globus team is working to make it easier to use Globus services in the Jupyter environment. Now,...

  • Data Science and the Jupyter Notebook Environment

    March 01, 2018  |  Lee Liming

    If you’re not already using Jupyter notebooks in your research or teaching, you might want to take a look. Our vision at Globus is to vastly improve the overall research...

  • Getting a Bigger 'N' for Studies of Rare Conditions

    May 25, 2011  |  Lee Liming

    I get a kick out of seeing "ordinary" information technologies make new kinds of science possible. For example, the ability to move and share digital data is a pretty mundane...