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July 2011 User of the Month: Katrin Heitmann

July 01, 2011   |  Paul Dave

A few months back, we launched a “User of the Month” program to highlight innovative and impactful usage of Globus Online that the entire user community might want to hear about.

For our 3rd User of the Month, I’m very pleased to announce that we have chosen Katrin Heitmann from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Who she is: Katrin is a senior researcher in the International Space & Response division at LANL (who has recently moved to ANL).  Her current area of focus is in the field of cosmology.  Katrin and her colleagues study models of the evolution of distribution of matter in the universe.

Why we picked her: Katrin has been able to successfully move large volumes of data at extremely high speed.  Perhaps that can be said about many GO users.  However, Katrin worked closely with both the LANL teams and GO teams to accomplish this task while adhering to some of the highest and most restrictive security standards in the country.  All security protocols were followed and the transfer of 30,000 files totaling 22 TBs of data was accomplished in a few days time between LANL and Argonne. Additionally, Katrin's usage story is particularly inspiring because she found a way to do something that literally would have been impossible without Globus Online. So she increased the scope of what was previously possible -- exactly what we like to see in our users!

Congratulations Katrin!