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Major update to Globus Connect Multiuser

June 10, 2013   |  Vas Vasiliadis

We just released Globus Connect Multiuser version 2. This is a major update over the previous version, featuring:

  • Native packaging: Native RPM and Debian packages for more than a dozen Linux variants.
  • Globus Toolkit integration: Globus Connect Multiuser is now a Globus Toolkit package, available from the standard Globus Toolkit repository, which leverages the other standard Globus Toolkit packages (e.g., GridFTP, MyProxy).
  • Easy update: Once you have installed Globus Connect Multiuser v2, updates can be installed simply via standard, native package updates from our repo. And because Globus Connect Multiuser depends on the normal Globus Toolkit packages, any updates to Globus Toolkit (e.g., a GridFTP fix or new feature) are now instantly available with Globus Connect Multiuser. (Note: If you have a existing installation of a previous version of Globus Connect Multiuser, you should delete it and do a fresh installation of v2.)
  • OAuth support: Globus Connect Multiuser now supports the option of using OAuth web browser-based login with your MyProxy server, so that your local site passwords no longer are seen by Globus Online when users activate endpoints with that MyProxy server. Globus Connect Multiuser v2 can deploy this OAuth service into either an existing Apache web server, or into a new one that it will setup just for this purpose.
  • Sharing: Globus Connect Multiuser supports the new Globus Online sharing service that is currently in beta testing.
  • Improved configuration: All configuration information is in /etc/globus-connect-multiuser.conf. A globus-connect-multiuser-setup program reads this configuration and performs all of the necessary setup, both locally and with Globus Online. If you change the conf file, simply rerun globus-connect-multiuser-setup and it will automatically modify your local setup and Globus Online endpoints appropriately. Our support forum has more information on using the configuration tools.
  • Improved multi-server deployments: Easily install the different Globus Connect Multiuser components on difference servers—one or more GridFTP servers for I/O, MyProxy CA on either a shared or separate server, and OAuth with Apache on either a shared or separate server.
  • SSH keys no longer required: Globus Connect Multiuser will use your Globus Online username and password to configure the endpoints, rather than requiring an SSH public key be associated with your Globus Online account.
  • InCommon/CILogon support: Use campus credentials via InCommon to authenticate to campus endpoints.
  • Optional host certificate support: If you want your Globus Connect Multiuser GridFTP servers to be used by non-Globus Online clients (e.g., globus-url-copy), you can optionally configure Globus Connect Multiuser to use a host certificate. (Note: You are responsible for obtaining the host certificate yourself.)

Installation guides and a complete reference are available in the Documentation forum. If you have questions or encounter any issues please contact our support team.