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New Globus Web App is Live

November 07, 2018   |  Brigitte Raumann

Today we released the redesigned web app in production at! This replaces the old web app, which now is deprecated and will be discontinued in April 2019.

Key resources:

We are grateful for the many early users who tested and provided valuable feedback on the product - thank you!

The web app redesign had three major goals:

  • Expose the full of range of Globus data management capabilities
  • Improve the user experience on a wide range of screens
  • Expand the accessibility features

For details on the design elements we implemented to achieve these goals, see the blog post on the beta release.

What’s cool about the new web app:

  • New, updated look and feel
  • More intuitive – e.g. a single pane for file management functions
  • Fully responsive design – works great on mobile devices/small screens
  • Customization options – e.g. display and sort your columns, pin your favorite bookmarks
  • Accessibility features – e.g. optimized colors and screen reader features meeting WCAG 2.0 standard
  • Access to new features – e.g. view/download files directly in browser via HTTPS
  • Capabilities for protected data – e.g. addinal security features, forced encryption and audit trails

This video provides a quick overview and tour of the web app. All of the documentation on has been updated with new walk-throughs and screenshots. If you are a platform user of the web app and use Helper Pages, you’ll need to update to use the new URLs.

If you’re attending SC18, stop by the Globus booth to see demos of the new web app and talk to our product team about the new design and features.

Please contact us at with any questions or suggestions.