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October 2012 User of the Month: Dmitry Ozerov

November 02, 2012   |  Raj Kettimuthu

I am pleased to announce that the user of the month for October 2012 is Dmitry Ozerov from DESY in Germany.

Dmitry has a background in particle physics research and is currently working as an IT data management specialist in the Scientific Data Management and Grid Computing team at DESY, Hamburg. The team manages 7.5 petabytes of disk and 4 petabytes of tape storage, and the batch facility for the scientists from the High Energy Physics and Photon Science.

Dmitry is helping scientists from the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science to transfer a large amount of data from the LCLS in Stanford, USA to his home institute in Hamburg, Germany. Dmitry moved a whooping 276 terabytes of data in less than a month! He achieved transfer rates as high as 450Mbps over the transatlantic link, with round trip time greater than 150 ms.

"Because of the large amount of data, the use of the transatlantic link, and the need

to finish this task in a shortest possible time, scientists approached

IT and I chose Globus Online for two reasons: 1) easy to use, and 2) the coupling between Globus Online and dcache storage" says Dmitry.

"I can say for sure that Globus Online fulfills its slogan: "No IT required" since, being an IT specialist, I'm using it as any normal user would." adds Dmitry.

Of the 276TB of data Dmitry transferred last month, roughly half was transferred using, a site setup in September 2012 to serve the European research community.

"Using the results of our first test at the beginning of the year, we highlighted for the Globus support team in Europe the need for a better connection to Globus Online, and as a result the Globus Online team setup the new portal -" says Dmitry.

Dmitry's use case illustrates a number of key aspects of Globus Online, including its trivial-to-use interfaces, interoperability through use of the standard GridFTP protocol, and the usefulness of the recently launched Globus Online European portal.

Congratulation Dmitry and thanks for your continued use of Globus Online!