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Second year of Globus Auth, by the numbers

February 15, 2018   |  Mattias Lidman

This week we are happy to celebrate the second birthday of Globus Auth, our authentication and authorization platform.

Globus Auth now supports nearly 91,000 users from our 478 identity providers. With over 37,000 new users since last year, the number of users has grown at twice the rate it did last year. If you also include linked identities, the number rises to over 116,000 identities.

We are very excited by the strong growth of external apps and services using Globus Auth as an authentication and access delegation platform. We now have nearly 1,100 registered apps and services, and out of 103,000 user consents over 34,000 are for apps and services other than Globus such as XSEDE, Compute Canada, RDA, NERSC, University of Michigan, and University of Exeter. All this means that external use of Globus Auth has grown by nearly 400% in the past year alone!

Doing all of this, Globus Auth has issued nearly 50 million access tokens, up by more than 1100% since last year, which shows that not only are we seeing a lot more users, but also that those users are making a lot more use of the platform.

In 2017 we had our first scheduled downtime (68 minutes) for a major upgrade across multiple Globus services, giving us a 99.994% uptime since the launch of Globus Auth.

For the coming year we are excited to continue working with the community of developers and administrators wanting to make use of the Globus Auth platform. This includes new APIs, as well as enhancements to support workflows involving HIPAA protected data. So head over to our registration page to register an app, check out our documentation, and contact us with any questions you may have!