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Self-service usage reports now available to Globus subscribers

September 03, 2015   |  Vas Vasiliadis

Globus subscribers now have direct access to usage reports for their managed endpoints via the Globus web interface (previously, subscribers had to request usage data from the Globus support team). If you're a subscription manager for your institution, you can navigate to the Globus Usage Reports endpoint and download the usage reports*. You will see a directory named for your institution's domain, Inside this directory you will find two types of reports:

  • A set of spreadsheets containing monthly usage summary data and charts. They provide a number of "views" of the activity on your Globus endpoints for the given month, and can help you compare actual usage to your subscription levels. Spreadsheets are named using the year and month as a prefix; for example, data for August 2015 would be in the file 201508_Globus_Usage_Monthly_Summary.xlsx. New reports are automatically generated at the beginning of the month, containing data for the previous month.
  • A CSV (Comma Separated Values) file called Globus_Usage_Transfer_Detail.csv that contains complete usage history for all your endpoints. This is useful if you want to analyze the data using your own reporting/BI tool. There is always just one copy of this file, and it is updated monthly with the most recent file transfers to/from your endpoints.

Usage reports are available to authenticated Globus users that are identified as a subscription manager for your institution*. We hope you find these useful—please send us your feedback so we can continue enhancing the reports to meet the needs of our subscribers.

If you find that your usage reports do not contain any data, or the usage levels are different from what you expect, please check to see that your endpoints are identified as "managed" endpoints (which associates them with your subscription). You can convert an existing endpoint to a managed endpoint by following the instructions here and you can add a managed endpoint to your subscription as described here.

*Note: In order to access the usage reports you will need to be a member of the Globus Subscription Managers group. If you're a Globus subscription manager you should have received an e-mail invitation to join this group. If you did not receive the invitation, or have other issues accessing the usage reports, please send a note to